Flash-Extract™ PCR Kit
Flash-Extract™ PCR Kit Flash-Extract™ PCR Kit Flash-Extract™ PCR Kit
Flash-Extract™ Lysis Solution

Flash-Extract™ Lysis Solution

Flash-Extract™ PCR Kit

Flash-Extract™ PCR Kit provides for an ultra-fast, low-cost and highly efficient method of DNA extraction and amplification from a variety of solid tissues, including mouse tails and ear punches, plant leaves, bacteria and saliva.

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Flash-Extract™ PCR Kit includes a proprietary single-tube extraction solution which releases genomic DNA in only 8 minutes, followed by PCR amplification using Azura ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix for high performance end-point PCR. ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix is a 2x hot-start mixture which also includes an inert red dye to facilitate direct gel-loading.

For the flexibility to accommodate various work-flows, PCR-ready genomic DNA can be used immediately in end-point PCR, used in real-time PCR with SYBR Green or TaqMan Probe based chemistry, or stored at -20°C.

DNA extraction and PCR from mouse tail, mouse ear, plant leaves, bacteria and saliva.

Exceptional Performance
Simple, ultra-fast tissue lysis followed by robust amplification which outperforms conventional methods and other commercial kits.

Convenience of Minimal Handling
Automation-friendly solution for extraction of PCR-ready genomic DNA in 8 minutes without laborious centrifugation steps.

1 Hour Work-flow
DNA Extraction and PCR can be complete in less than 60 minutes for improved turnaround time.

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