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Successful cloning and subsequent protein expression requires highly efficient DNA transformation. The process of altering a cell so that it acquires and expresses genetic material from a surrounding environment is transformation. This process is commonly used to introduce recombinant plasmid DNA into bacterial strains which can be made competent by artificial means. Chemically competent cells are calcium chloride-treated to facilitate attachment of the plasmid DNA to the competent cell membrane. Cells are subsequently heat-shocked which opens the pores in the cell membrane so plasmid DNA from the surrounding environment can enter the cell. Electrocompetent cells are prepared for transformation using electroporation for a few milliseconds. This method uses an electrical pulse to create pores in the membrane so that the material can enter the cell from the surrounding environment.

Azura Genomics has screened an exhaustive list of compounds and additives which strongly influence the permeability of the cell membrane in chemical transformation and electroporation. Our High5™ Alpha Ultra-High Efficiency Competent E. coli represent an advance in providing consistent, superior transformation efficiency cells for the most demanding cloning applications such as the construction of gene banks or cDNA libraries with limited amounts of DNA. In comparison to other commercially available competent cells, High5™ Alpha Ultra-High Efficiency Competent E. coli provide significantly higher transformation efficiencies and convenient packaging for ease-of-use.

  1. TruFi™ DNA Polymerase

    TruFi™ DNA Polymerase

    TruFi™ DNA Polymerase is a new generation, ultra high-fidelity DNA polymerase developed specifically to overcome the many disadvantages of conventional proof-reading enzymes such as poor sensitivity, significant inhibition in crude PCR assays, long extension times and the tedious optimization of buffer conditions and reaction parameters.

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