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Genetic variation is present in many different forms in the genome, including somatic mutations, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), copy number variations (CNVs) and structural changes. In order to study and better understand the many variations, Azura Genomics has developed an offering of powerful genotyping tools. High resolution Melt (HRM) and dual-probe based analysis are common methods used in SNP genotyping. We have applied recent advances in enzyme preparation in conjunction with a careful consideration of ionic conditions and buffer components to deliver clear allele discrimination for higher confidence genotyping.

Alternatively, the use of transgenic mice has long been a cornerstone for genetic experimentation. Transgenic mice are commonly used in the lab to model human diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The many challenges of purifying high quality, intact DNA from transgenic mice and subsequently amplifying target genes have been addressed with limited success. Azura Genomics has developed a simple, cost-effective direct PCR platform for high-throughput mouse genotyping. Our polymerase chemistry is ideally suited to high-performance with crude samples, and a broad range of amplicon lengths and sequence complexity.

  1. Azura™ Mouse Genotyping Kit

    Azura™ Mouse Genotyping Kit

    Azura™ Mouse Genotyping Kit provides a rapid, low-cost and highly efficient method for the DNA extraction and amplification of a variety of solid tissue types, and is ideally suited to mouse tail snips and mouse ear punches.

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