Azura Genomics develops high-performance PCR and Real-Time PCR mastermixes and enzymes which deliver best-in-class sensitivity, ease-of-use and value. Our proprietary, innovative reagent formulations are optimized to reduce experimental variance and improve efficiency across a wide range of PCR applications.

Azura Genomics has leveraged more than 20 years of experience in the development of core amplification technologies with the objective of offering reagents and kits which deliver results and are easy to use. We provide premium-quality molecular reagents to enable cutting-edge research in the areas of gene expression and qPCR, conventional and challenging end-point PCR, mouse genotyping, and electrophoresis.

Hallmarks of our PCR Technology

  • Proprietary buffer compositions with novel additives for complex and low-copy number samples
  • Improved stability for worry-free storage and reaction set-up
  • Low residual host E. coli DNA
  • Optimized 2x mixes and 1-step reagents to minimize pipetting and improving accuracy
  • Stringent hot-start technology
  • Convenient inert visualization and gel-loading dyes to simplify work-flows

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