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  1. Azura 2x Taq Mix

    Azura 2x Taq Mix

    Azura Taq DNA Polymerase is engineered with additional hydrophilic residues for improved solubility and increased affinity for template DNA, resulting in significantly improved activity, yield, speed and sensitivity when compared with wild-type Taq Polymerase.

    In addition, the ready-to-use mix is available with an inert red dye which allows samples to be loaded directly onto agarose gels without additional gel loading buffers. Azura 2x Taq Red Mix is sufficiently dense to sink to the bottom of the wells.

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  2. Azura™ Mouse Genotyping Kit

    Azura™ Mouse Genotyping Kit

    Azura™ Mouse Genotyping Kit provides a rapid, low-cost and highly efficient method for the DNA extraction and amplification of a variety of solid tissue types, and is ideally suited to mouse tail snips and mouse ear punches.

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