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PureStrand™ Ultra-Pure dNTPs

  • >99% Triphosphate Purity by HPLC
  • Free of contaminating impurities and PCR inhibitors
  • DNase, RNase, Nickase and Protease Free
  • Supplied as dNTP Sets and Mixes
  • Shelf-Life of 24 months at -20°C
  • Supplied in ultra-pure water as an ammonium salt at pH 7.5

Ready-to-Use Ultra-Pure dNTPs for use in all standard and highly sensitive PCR applications. Purity of dNTPs is essential for any PCR, Real-Time PCR and cDNA Synthesis application as inhibitors and contaminants can interfere with DNA polymerases and template. PureStrand™ Ultra-Pure dNTPs are purified using exacting processes to eliminate the presence of PCR-specific inhibitors such as tetraphosphates and pyrophosphates. The presence of contaminating impurities can result in a decrease in amplification sensitivity and product yield.

The performance of each lot of PureStrand dNTP Sets and Mix is tested in PCR, long PCR and qPCR for sensitivity and reproducibility.

  1. PureStrand™ Ultra-Pure 100mM dNTP Set

    PureStrand™ Ultra-Pure 100mM dNTP Set

    Individual Ultra-Pure dNTP Solutions of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP for use in all standard and sensitive PCR applications.

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  2. PureStrand™ Ultra-Pure 40mM dNTP Mix

    PureStrand™ Ultra-Pure 40mM dNTP Mix

    Ready-to-Use PureStrand 40mM dNTP Mix contains each nucleotide at a 10mM concentration.

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