ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix
ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix
ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix

ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix

ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix

ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix is a robust, high-fidelity DNA polymerase complex ideally suited to a wide range of DNA templates including the most challenging DNA targets and inhibitor-rich samples.

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ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix 200 Reactions / 2 x 1.25 mL
ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix 1000 Reactions / 10 x 1.25 mL
ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix 2000 Reactions / 5 x 5 mL

ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix is a hotstart 2x formulation which provides excellent sensitivity in low-copy number assays with 10x higher fidelity than Taq polymerase.

The 2x master-mix contains proprietary enhancers, hot-start antibodies and a proof-reading component for trouble-free PCR reaction assembly and performance. ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix delivers a unique balance of PCR sensitivity, high fidelity, versatility, and tolerance to inhibitors. The pre-optimized ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix is supplied in a single tube, reducing the number of pipetting steps while improving throughput and reproducibility. The highly efficient buffer formulation and hot-start blend provide the ideal conditions for high-performance PCR and inactivity at room temperature thereby eliminating non-specific amplification. ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix is also available with an inert red gel loading and tracking dye allowing samples to be loaded directly in agarose gel wells without separate gel loading buffers. ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix contains an inert red gel-loading and tracking dye which allows direct gel-loading without the need for separate gel-loading buffers. The red dye migrates at the rate of 600 bp and 350 bp DNA fragments in 1% and 2% TAE agarose gels respectively.


  • PCR of difficult DNA templates (GC- or AT-rich regions) and inhibitor-rich samples
  • TA Cloning
  • low-copy number PCR
  • High-fidelity PCR and Long PCR up to 10 kb.

Assay Flexibility and Accuracy
Optimized 2x PCR blend provides robust hot-start PCR in a wide range of applications with 10x higher fidelity than Taq Polymerase.

Robust Amplification
Provides greater yields and specificity than other PCR master-mixes, even in low-copy number assays, long PCR up to 10 Kb, and in the presence of common PCR inhibitors.

Convenience of Minimal Optimization
ExtremeTaq HiFi Red Mix is designed and optimized for ease-of-use and broad compatibility with DNA templates of various lengths and complexity.

High-performance amplification of complex DNA samples extracted from human, animal, plant, bacteria, C. elegans, soil and water.

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