ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix
ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix
Azura 2x HS Taq Red Mix

Azura 2x HS Taq Red Mix

AzuraQuant™ Green Fast qPCR Mix HiRox

AzuraQuant™ Green Fast qPCR Mix HiRox

ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix

ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix is a robust, high-fidelity DNA polymerase complex ideally suited to a wide range of DNA templates including the most challenging DNA targets and inhibitor-rich samples.

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ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix 200 Reactions / 2 x 1.25 mL
ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix 1000 Reactions / 10 x 1.25 mL
ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix 2000 Reactions / 20 x 1.25 mL

ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix is a hotstart 2x formulation which provides excellent sensitivity in low-copy number assays with 10x higher fidelity than Taq polymerase.

The 2x master-mix contains proprietary enhancers, hot-start antibodies and a proof-reading component for trouble-free PCR reaction assembly and performance. ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix delivers a unique balance of PCR sensitivity, high fidelity, versatility, and tolerance to inhibitors. The pre-optimized ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix is supplied in a single tube, reducing the number of pipetting steps while improving throughput and reproducibility. The highly efficient buffer formulation and hot-start blend provide the ideal conditions for high-performance PCR and inactivity at room temperature thereby eliminating non-specific amplification.


  • PCR of difficult DNA templates (GC- or AT-rich regions) and inhibitor-rich samples
  • TA Cloning
  • low-copy number PCR
  • High-fidelity PCR and Long PCR up to 10 kb.

Assay Flexibility and Accuracy
Optimized 2x PCR blend provides robust hot-start PCR in a wide range of applications with 10x higher fidelity than Taq Polymerase.

Robust Amplification
Provides greater yields and specificity than other PCR master-mixes, even in low-copy number assays, long PCR up to 10 Kb, and in the presence of common PCR inhibitors.

Convenience of Minimal Optimization
ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix is designed and optimized for ease-of-use and broad compatibility with DNA templates of various lengths and complexity.

High-performance amplification of complex DNA samples extracted from human, animal, plant, bacteria, C. elegans, soil and water.

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