TruFi™ DNA Polymerase
TruFi™ DNA Polymerase TruFi™ DNA Polymerase TruFi™ DNA Polymerase
ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix

ExtremeTaq HiFi Mix

TruFi™ DNA Polymerase

TruFi™ DNA Polymerase is a new generation, ultra high-fidelity DNA polymerase developed specifically to overcome the many disadvantages of conventional proof-reading enzymes such as poor sensitivity, significant inhibition in crude PCR assays, long extension times and the tedious optimization of buffer conditions and reaction parameters.

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TruFi DNA Polymerase 200u (2u/µl)
TruFi DNA Polymerase 1000u (2u/µl)

TruFi™ DNA Polymerase exhibits robust 5' - 3' DNA polymerase activity and 3' - 5' proof-reading exonuclease activity with an error-rate of 4.55 x 10-7. Several point mutations have selectively modified specific amino acid residues in order to improve protein solubility and performance across a wide range of ionic conditions. TruFi™ DNA Polymerase is provided with a companion 5x reaction buffer delivering superior performance with minimal optimization across a broad range of DNA amplicons, regardless of high AT or GC content. In addition, the hydrophilic nature of TruFi™ provides for significant improvements to reaction processivity for faster cycling, greater sensitivity and less inhibition with crude DNA samples.

High-fidelity PCR for cloning, crude sample PCR, mutagenesis, next-generation re-sequencing, protein expression, microarray, and long PCR up to 10 kb.

Ultra High-Fidelity
> 50-fold higher fidelity than wild-type Taq Polymerase

Robust Amplification
Provides greater yields with lower enzyme amounts than other DNA polymerases, even in crude PCR reactions with known inhibitors.

Convenience of Minimal Optimization
Two-component presentation for ease of use and greater reproducibility - TruFi™ DNA Polymerase is provided with a complete 5x reaction buffer inclusive of GC enhancers, optimal levels of dNTP and MgCl2, and a high ionic strength for broad compatibility with amplicon size and complexity.

TruFi™ Polymerase and 5x TruFi™ Buffer

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