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ChemStart™ DNA Polymerase

ChemStart™ DNA Polymerase

Quick Overview

ChemStart™ DNA Polymerase is a chemically modified form of Taq DNA Polymerase which requires a heat-activation step prior to PCR. Upon thermal activation, a polymerase modifier is permanently released providing for highly specific enzyme activation.

ChemStart™ DNA Polymerase exhibits excellent specificity and robust activity with complex viral targets and provides superior performance when compared with alternative polymerase preparations.

Product Name Catalog No. Price Qty
ChemStart DNA Polymerase 500u (5u/µl) AZ-1405
ChemStart DNA Polymerase 1000u (5u/µl) AZ-1410
ChemStart DNA Polymerase 5000u (5u/µl) AZ-1450

The resulting hot-start PCR delivers unparalleled sensitivity, yield and specificity compared with conventional DNA Polymerase technology. ChemStart DNA Polymerase is a high-performance chemicallymediated system which specifically circumvents the need for Taq monoclonal antibodies and therefore eliminates the possibility of biological contamination.

In addition, a proprietary enzyme preparation process removes bacterial DNA sequences making ChemStart™ an ideal choice for microbial screening, pathogen detection and other assays in which the reduction of false positives is essential.


  • Multiplex PCR
  • Microbial screening
  • Pathogen detection
  • Complex genotyping
  • Low-copy target PCR

Ultra-Pure Enzyme
Proprietary production process eliminating DNA contaminating sequences

Room temperature assembly
Inactive at room temperature, requires thermal activation

Leaves A overhang
For direct integration into TA cloning vectors


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