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Azura 2x HS Taq Mix

Azura 2x HS Taq Mix

Quick Overview

Azura HS Taq DNA Polymerase is an engineered, antibody-mediated Hot-Start PCR enzyme with additional hydrophilic residues for improved solubility and increased affinity for template DNA, resulting in significantly improved activity, yield, speed and sensitivity when compared with wild-type Taq Polymerase.

Product Name Catalog No. Price Qty
Azura 2x HS Taq Mix 200 Reactions / 4 x 1.25 mL AZ-1602
Azura 2x HS Taq Mix 1000 Reactions / 20 x 1.25 mL AZ-1610
Azura 2x HS Taq Mix 2000 Reactions / 10 x 5 mL AZ-1620

The polymerase is supplied with a new generation 5x buffer system containing optimal levels of MgCl2 and enhancers at exacting concentrations. Azura HS Taq requires little if any optimization, delivering superior Hot-Start PCR each and every time.

Azura 2x HS Taq Mix is a ready-to-use single tube formulation optimized for convenience and reduced pipetting steps. The highly advanced Azura 2x HS Taq Mix chemistry allows fast cycling conditions to be used with greater efficiency, reproducibility and throughput. In addition, the ready-to-use mix is available with an inert red dye which allows samples to be loaded directly onto agarose gels without additional gel loading buffers. Azura 2x HS Taq Red Mix is sufficiently dense to sink to the bottom of the wells.


  • Multiplex PCR
  • Fast PCR
  • Genotyping
  • Colony PCR
  • Low-copy PCR
  • Amplification of GC-rich DNA

Robust Hot-Start amplification across a wide range of templates and sequence complexity.

Convenience of Minimal Optimization
Complete 5x buffer system including MgCl2 and PCR enhancers.

Available as ready-to-use 2x HS Taq Mix and 2x HS Taq Red Mix for reduced pipetting and improved sample throughput.


Azura HS Taq - Product Sheet Size: (336.53 KB)
Azura 2x HS Taq Mix - Manual Size: (538.93 KB)

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