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AzuraQuant™ Genotyping Mix LoRox

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AzuraQuant™ Genotyping Mix LoRox

Quick Overview

The AzuraQuant™ Genotyping Mix is designed for best-in-class use in dual-labeled probe based genotyping assays including Taqman™ genotyping assays and is fully compatible with Applied Biosystems TaqMan® Pre-Designed SNP Genotyping assays.

In order to determine instrument compatibility and the most appropriate ROX™ variant, please click here for AzuraQuant™ Selection Guide.

Product Name Catalog No. Price Qty
AzuraQuant Genotyping Mix LoRox 100 Reactions AZ-3201
AzuraQuant Genotyping Mix LoRox 500 Reactions AZ-3205
AzuraQuant Genotyping Mix LoRox 2,000 Reactions AZ-3220

The AzuraQuant™ Genotyping Mix utilizes the latest advancements in enzyme purification and buffer optimization to ensure that the AzuraQuant™ Genotyping Mix produces highly-specific, ultra-sensitive qPCR with clear allelic discrimination and outstanding allele clustering. The Mix has been developed and optimized for precise, fast, and highly reproducible genotyping of sequence variants including Type IV SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms).

The AzuraQuant™ Genotyping Mix requires little if any optimization and provides an ideal buffer environment for very tight binding of allele-specific probes.

In order to determine instrument compatibility and the most appropriate ROX™ variant, please refer to the AzuraQuant™ Selection Table.

SNP Genotyping and Allelic Discrimination

Accurate Allelic Discrimination
Tight clustering for high confidence genotype calling

Fully compatible with TaqMan® dual-labeled probes

Optimized for Difficult Templates
Efficient amplification from GC-rich and ATrich templates, under fast and standard cycling conditions.

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